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Corporate Storytelling

Tomtom, Kraft Foods, The Bank of England, Sellafield Nuclear Power Plant.


Mindshare approached Pure Grass Films to come up with a fully integrated campaign idea that would inspire and engage an emerging demographic identified by their Client, HSBC.  Focus groups with members of this demographic revealed that they were most interested in using their money to ‘be’ more rather than ‘have’ more.

HSBC had forked out over £1m on an online diagnostic tool to help convert new customers by revealing what they valued most in their lives. The trouble was that none of them knew it existed.

Inspired by tight rope walker, Philip Petit in ‘Man on Wire’, our winning pitch involved face to camera interviews with 40 people who had overcome seemingly insurmountable odds in the pursuit of their dreams.

By making these inspiring characters take the diagnostic test before distributing the shorts as .tv fillers and via social media, consumers would first encounter HSBC Advance as an invitation to adventure from an extraordinary individual whose values matched their own.

Corporate Storytelling 

TheStorytellers is a behavioural change consultancy that uses the co-creation of strategic narratives to align CEO’s with their boards. As Creative Director I was responsible for managing writers and graphic designers in the production of the six-chapter visual ‘Story Map’ which would then be used to communicate the challenges and opportunities facing the business to senior and middle management at large annual meetings.

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We have written a number of corporate and fundraising films. Recent clients include entrepreneur, James Caan, NGO Generation Rwanda and pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca. Here’s a short film showing how Pfizer is innovating to bring therapies to patients that significantly improve their lives..