Game Changer

A Game Book to help vulnerable girls thrive in a high-risk environment.

A partial list of clients, awards and partners include:

HT Communications and Veronica Torres Consulting have spent the past 18 months developing and testing immersive cross platform role playing games to help young people thrive in high risk environments.


The team now wish to extend its central hypothesis: that if young people are allowed to take risks and practice life skills in a virtual environment they will be better able to cope and draw down the right skill when they are confronted with equivalent challenging scenarios in their daily lives.


After testing the approach using paper based Role playing game (RPG) formats in Haiti (UNFPA), Mozambique (PEPFAR’s DREAMS Innovation Fund) and Malawi (Girl Effect) the team now seek to use brought what it has use VR interactive film to reach those most at risk of being drawn into cycles of political and ethnic violence.

In 2016 HT & VTC took the classic ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Game Books as the inspiration for a pilot commissioned by the UNFPA in Haiti that was prototyped with girls aged 10 – 14 living in the Carrefour slum in Port au Prince.


Veronica Torres Consulting, in partnership with HT, lead a successful application for funding by PEPFAR’s DREAMS Innovation Challenge and designed a number of immersive role-playing games for girls at risk of HIV in Beira City, Mozambique. This also gave the team the opportunity to create an interactive graphic novel for girls entitled: ‘Electric Girl.’


Veronica Torres Consulting, working with HT was then commissioned by Girl Effect Malawi’s ‘Zathu’ social communications brand to apply its Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) approach in the design of activities for use in Malawi’s youth clubs.

Evidence shows that immersive VR experiences coupled with role play exercises build empathy while allowing potentially violent offenders an opportunity to assess the potential risks and rewards of participation.


HT are now seeking partners to produce an immersive VR and role playing experience that will allow youth at risk of being drawn into post-election violence in Kenya to step into the shoes of a perpetrator of post election violence.


Identifying 10 high-risk districts, we will work through established CBO’s to deliver 6 weeks of structured peace building workshops to those most at risk using VR to hook those most at risk into a serialized role playing game set in Nairobi’s slums where they live.


Images: Add some of the pictures we used in the Zinester Kickstarter video of the post election violence.