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The Project

In 2017 HT and Veronica Torres partnered with Girl Connect to research, design and write interactive stories combining the power of storytelling with one-to-one support.

“These days, a girl can’t always confide in her mother,” says Haliru, “but with the Role Models, she will let it all out.

Time Magazine

The Solution

Interactive narratives accessible via mobile phones were complemented by trained ‘role models’ operating through ISON’s call centres.

Deep ethnographic research into the lived experience of girls growing up in Northern Nigeria was the springboard for the development of narratives in which girls learn to speak up, find their own path in life and nurture meaningful relationships.

Covering multifaceted issues including violence, healthcare, personal finance and education it was essential that the ‘role models’ were trained to respond to girls’ enquiries. 

The Impact

Girl Connect’s pilot received 44,000 calls in 2017 with 56% of callers calling more than once to engage with ‘role models.’ The project is anticipated to log over 1 million calls in 2018.