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Girl Effect

Nike Foundation

H+T have the expertise and experience to strike the right balance between information with entertainment.

Girls have been at the heart of the Girl Effect media brands from the beginning and this is true of Ni Nyampinga magazine in Rwanda. Girls even named it. They took a traditional Kinyarwandan word describing the rite of passage for a girl to become a woman, and have given it new positive meaning. Ni Nyampinga means ‘the beautiful girl inside and out who makes good decisions’.

The platform spans magazine, radio and mobile. The editorial content challenges set perceptions, showcases female role models and offers new skills and advice that girls cannot get elsewhere on things like education, sexual health and violence.

The focus on girl-led creation has driven the brand’s cultural resonance and impact, with 71% of girls reached claiming it has made them realise their self-worth and improved their confidence. H+T worked both as Insights and Creative Strategy Manager and film direction/Creative Consultant across the platforms.