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providing participants with the skills and support they need to publish their own magazine.

A partial list of clients, credits, work for hire and published contributions includes

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zinester specializes in giving a voice to marginalized and hard to reach groups of people through a co-creative process that involves training participants to create their own zines (diy magazines).

Combining citizen journalism with participant lead research methodologies (and a dash of agitprop wizardry ) Zinester is on a mission to use the co-creative process to unlock insights into the lives of those it works with.

Guiding participants to take photographs and make mash up artistic collages Zinester provides each storyteller with the tools they need to express themselves visually and the confidence they need to stand up and speak out.

By exploring their work and the encounters they have had, often with members of their own communities Zinester can better understand the way our co-creators think, feel and perceive about the unique and discreet worlds they inhabit.

The insights generated by our work are used by NGO’s and community based organisations to generate powerful social communications campaigns and inform effective behavioural change campaigns.

“One of Africa’s largest slums has become the unlikely home to a burgeoning community of child citizen journalists.”

“Young residents of Kibera in Nairobi are being taught how to make DIY magazines known as zines – which paint an intriguing picture of their lives outside the Kenyan capital.”

All footage @ harrisonthane aims to empower those who are, in the words of Arundathi Roy, either ‘the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.”’s pilot project in Kibera slum in Nairobi in 2015 was a success that attracted worldwide media attention. The sale of the ‘Chocolate City Zine’ via Kickstarter proved that there is high demand for Zines made by marginalized groups with key influencers in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Zinester has completed several workshops for NGO clients working with local youth leaders and CBOs. In Ethiopia Zinester travelled to a remote community in the Oromo region to run a workshop with girl runners focusing on migration and livelihoods.

In Egypt, Zinester trained local mentors at Save The Children’s Youth In Action program to run and sustain a Zine with girls who had graduated its Economic Empowerment program.  Zinester produced a short making of video alongside the ‘She Can Do’ zine which shared what the girls had learned with other members of their community.

Fundraising – Our Kickstarter video campaign went viral and we reached 200% of our goal. We are now registering the project as a Social Enterprise so that we can continue to sell the Zines and attract grant funding.

Next Steps – We will use the money generated by our KS campaign to continue working with WoL while partnering to offer other NGOs and development projects our workshops.


QVED – Conference Munich

Zinester was invited to speak at the prestigious editorial design conference QVED in Munich.

“Kibera, a slum in Nairobi / Kenya is the nucleus of an unusual project: Harrison Thane, Australian photographer and designer, works with the young people of Kibera, trained with them in workshops photographic and journalistic skills. Together they make their own magazine “zinester”.